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Server Rooms

Electronic data and its proper storage is the lifeblood of many businesses today, and the server room is the heart that keeps it flowing. However, server rooms have substantial cooling requirements, and if these requirements are not met, your server room and its equipment can quickly overheat, causing major productivity losses for your business, and in the worst cases, excessive heat can damage or destroy valuable equipment and data.

You can avoid many of these risks by observing the best practices for cooling your server room, and calling All Temp Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating to provide you and your company with the expertise, tools and equipment to help you solve your server room cooling and ventilation needs and to establish and maintain those best practices to protect and preserve the optimal temperature range for the hardware and data residing in your server room environment.

We understand that your server rooms house sensitive hardware that can be damaged easily if exposed to extreme temperatures. Your servers must be fed a constant stream of cool air since they generate a substantial amount of heat and an electromagnetic field which can damage their internal components. Your server room must be equipped to remove this heat before it builds up and creates hazardous environmental conditions for your equipment and the data it stores. If you fail to take adequate precautions, you could expose your business to many risks, including equipment failure, data loss/corruption, financial impact, and in extreme cases, even fire.

All Temp Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating should be your first call to keep your precious data and the vital hardware that houses it nice and cool, and safe from harm or loss. We’ll keep your server room nice and cool, free from data-corrupting heat exposure. The rest of your data’s security – detecting and preventing data breaches, maintaining anti-virus software and firewalls – is up to you.

Call 1-800-COOL-AID or EMAIL us at now to schedule your consultation with a trained technician who can help you solve your server room cooling needs at your earliest opportunity! Don’t forget to inquire about our special rates for monthly/quarterly maintenance contracts. You’ll ensure the security and integrity of your data, safe from harmful heat and save money in the process! Call or email us today!

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