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Dad as a high school senior -1957 Bluecreek, WVa

In 1981 When Glenn McKinny opened the doors to All Temp Refrigeration in Santa Clara it was already a business rich with history and passion. Not because he had worked his way up from technician to buy the business from the original owner. And not because he had moved the business to the heart of Silicon Valley to be near his family. But because Glenn was BORN a historical and passionate man. In 1938 in the middle of Appalachia, towards the end of the Great Depression era, Glenn McKinny had a unique inquisitive head and heart for the world around him. Living In the hollers of Blue Creek and Clendenin, West Virginia, there wasn’t much ingenuity for the path of a man during that time. It was nearing graduation time in the 1950’s; Glenn had some decisions to make. 

Growing up with a widowed mother who raised him and his sister on a seamstress wage, Glenn didn’t allow his circumstances to predict his future. He weaved his way around not being able to afford college, while vowing to never put himself in a coal mine or chemical plant like some of his peers and family had been forced to do. During the burgeoning Atomic Age, the launch of Sputnik, and the advent of NASA’s Mercury Seven astronauts, Glenn’s inquisitiveness led him to the prospects of the Military. One bus ride later and he was enlisted in the Army.

“I enjoyed most of my time while I was in the Army, but the whole time I was a soldier, I never learned anything I didn’t already know that I could use to go further in life. I already knew how to hunt, shoot, bivouac, and survive on the ground and in the wild. I needed to be part of something where I was going to learn a skill or trade that I could use in civilian life, and the Army just wasn’t doing it for me.”

After 2 years in the Army he was honorably discharged and he enlisted in the Navy that same year. After Glenn’s first enlistment period ended, he decided to enlist again, but having decided he’d like to try something new. Glenn told the Navy that he’d only reenlist if he were approved for transfer to the more promising and challenging rate of Engine-man. After learning much of his knowledge of industrial refrigeration, heating and ventilation systems during his time in the Navy, Glenn started working as a repair technician at a small business called Bailey’s Refrigeration. As you can already predict, after several years as the lead technician at Bailey’s Refrigeration, Glenn bought the company and expanded its customer base, opening new doors for commercial contracts at a rapidly successful rate. 

Glenn and his wife of almost 50 years retired in 2004, and after complications from a long illness, he passed away on August 26, 2012. Handing down All Temp Refrigeration to his sons, the work ethic and hands on approach has been a driving force for the company from the very beginning, with the rich history of the man who started it all. The company today is still growing and thriving in Santa Clara, and its core beliefs are still their motto with the legacy of Glenn McKinny in his family’s heart. All Temp Refrigeration is the Bay Area’s choice for your all of your Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating service and repair needs, and it’s why we’re still “the company everybody recommends.”™


Dad in his Crackerjacks – On leave back home in West Virginia 1962


USS Frigate Bird MSC-191



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